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Etiquette and Deportment Consulting

We specialize in personal and professional decorum. We offer online courses that allow you to learn at your pace in the comfort of your home or setting of your choice. We also provide tailored consulting, video conferencing, and seminars for your social and business needs.

Clients have come to Lady Etiquette for consulting in a range of areas from basic table manners, cultural awareness training, public speaking, and social skills. Building self-confidence in your personal and professional life will ensure more success where you may choose.

Kelley Ann Yates

Lady Etiquette LLC Founder and Director

Who is Lady Etiquette?
Kelley Ann Yates teaches core classic Etiquette and is an Elegance advisor and Deportment coach. Through her professional 20+ years of international public relations experience on a global VIP level, Kelley developed unique insight and skills in all aspects of cross-cultural communications, protocol and cultural sensitivity. She specializes in bespoke and comprehensive programs for clients who wish to expand their social behaviour and cultural awareness.

Kelley's teachings are classic traditional social Etiquette and Deportment that has stood the test of time. Classic Etiquette and Deportment is the excepted standard in a contemporary social and business world. Kelley Ann Yates is also the author of the wonderful book, "The Art of a Feminine Lady" available on Amazon world wide.

Available for speaking engagements as a Deportment and Etiquette subject matter expert. Kelley provides social and business Etiquette instruction as well as image consulting and personal brand development. Kelley consults from the perspective that Etiquette and Elegance is a way of life, from which beauty, grace, and class are derived. Etiquette, Deportment and Elegance is an essential component for one's personal and professional success.


Kelley Ann Yates grew up in the beautiful Cotswold's, England. At an early age, Kelley spent a few years attending to aristocratic families as a nanny and teaching English in Italy and France. While working for the aristocracy in Italy, Kelley then became fascinated with protocol and Etiquette. Kelley began to study the hard work and teachings of John Robert Powers and world leaders in Etiquette and Deportment. Kelley travelled extensively and began to learn and apply the different customs and traditions of the people. She has liaised with multiple prestigious fashion houses such as Christian Dior and Chanel. While living in the Middle East, Kelley formally studied Middle Eastern language and cultural awareness. Later, she relocated to America to work with five-diamond resorts which led to working in private VIP hospitality. Kelley has graciously liaised, travelled, and cared for royalty and many of the world's most influential leaders and their families, including the great honour of personally serving a U.S. President.

Kelley Ann Yates Lady Etiquette Director

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