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Poise and Deportment

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The course includes 15+ lessons-

  • Standing Gracefully
  • Swan Signature Sitting Positions
  • Walking Gracefully
  • Posture Exercises
  • Eye Care and Eye Wear
  • Beverage Etiquette
  • Coat Deportment
  • Charming Communication
  • How to Make a Memorable Entrance
  • Handbag Deportment
  • How to Enter and Exit an Automobile
  • Glove Deportment and Accessorizing
  • Umbrella and Scarf Deportment
  • How to Exhibit Positive Body Language
  • Swan Social and Sophistication Etiquette tips

The Swan Signature Poise and Deportment Online Course© will help you build self-confidence and give you knowledge of how to leave a lasting impression. The Swan Poise and Deportment Online Course© are designed for all the ladies from the stay at home mother to the International Business Professional.


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For Adults- Ages 14+


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