Children’s Manners and Etiquette

Children’s Manners and Etiquette

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With this course, your child will develop a high strength of character and give your child the confidence to put their best foot forward, knowing they have the necessary interpersonal skills and formal etiquette training at a young age. They will gain confidence to strive for success each new day.

This course is designed for your child to watch on their own or with their parent or guardian.

Here is a description of what your child will learn.

  1. Personal grooming and hygiene etiquette
  2. Deportment posture and decorum
  3. Appropriate introductions and greetings
  4. Electronic devices and online etiquette
  5. Respecting our elders as well as others
  6. How and when to write a thank you note
  7. Decorum and table manners
  8. Strength of character skills to combat bullying
  9. Library etiquette
  10. How to answer a telephone etiquette

We recommend Chapter 8 be watched with a parent or guardian.

I hope you enjoy the course and please feel free to contact Lady Etiquette for any questions or comments.

For ages 8 to 14

2 reviews for Children’s Manners and Etiquette

  1. Jeanette Rogers

    Lady Etiquette,
    It was so easy to get to know you firstly by following you on Instagram, and then by doing your course. The children’s course is packed with lots of useful information, which my son has already started to apply in his day to day life. I would certainly recommend to a parent as a way of helping their children develop these important life skills at an early stage.

    Thanks so much,
    Jeannette Rogers

  2. Abby (verified owner)

    My 10 year old daughter recently completed Lady Etiquette’s Children’s Manners and Etiquette Course. As she took notes, I was thrilled to hear how Lady Etiquette skillfully teaches children what it means to have good manners, be kind and thoughtful, and to be respectful at all times. All courses were appropriate in length to engage my daughter’s attention. Our favorite course was lesson 8 on Strength of Character Skills to Combat Bullying. My daughter agrees that everyone deserves respect and that she can be the one to set the bar with her own behavior. Many thanks to Lady Etiquette for helping my daughter develop skills that will be useful in her life for many years to come!

    Abigail D.

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